Dan Kelly (mrdankelly) wrote in ironmanlit,
Dan Kelly

gravity's rainbow

I finished Gravity's Rainbow quite a few months ago, finding it to be a beautifully written mess. I think I heard one critic describing the book as a "deception." Well, it's a bit of a waste of time, but I won't dismiss it out of hand simply because I found whole sections to be purposefully opaque. I think there's a damn good 250 page novel somewhere in there.

I should make this my reading blog. The trouble with running separate blogs is that you spread yourself too thin, trying to fill in several notebooks when one grand one will do. Then again, I weld a powerful gavel in this blog. If it ain't about difficult books, it has no place here.

I should add a few more books to the original list (all that's left is War and Peace). Any suggestions? I finished off the second book in In Search of Lost Time. Time to move on to The Guermantes Way.
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