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Cue "Rocky" theme music

At precisely 12:47 this morning I closed the book on "Gravity's Rainbow." I think it took me about 6 months to read it, with a few palate-cleansing books in between. I won't claim that I understood much of it even in a basic narrative sense. Every once in awhile I would find myself having read through a section and thinking "Hey, I understood that!"

My biggest question after reading this, is how does one, as an editor, read a manuscript like this and know if it's genius or the random scribblings of a looney? (Not to say that those 2 things are always mutually exclusive.) If this was Pynchon's first novel, and he had no prior reputation, what would an editor think if this came across his/her desk? I'm not a stupid person by any means, but I'm also not the smartest by a long shot, and my knowledge of math and rocket science is minimal at best. I'm merely taking it on faith that it makes any sense.

Or maybe it doesn't matter if it makes any sense. I'm very curious to pick up the reader's companion to this book. I'm sure that will shed a lot of light on certain things.

I think Tchitcherine would be a good name for a cat.
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